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Abhijit Kar

Abhijit Kar

13 posts

I bring 5 years worth of industry experience to the table and everything I learnt from countless hours of experimentation over a decade.

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  January 24, 2021

Dgraph: 12 Reasons that make it the best Database of 21st Century

With great pride let me introduce you to the best in class Database, & why you must be using this for every project going forward....

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  January 16, 2021

Ghost Pro: 15 Tips & Tricks to Spice up your Website

After using Ghost (Pro) for a while, I have discovered, learnt, & implemented a few niceties, that can help you while authoring content & beyond....

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  January 10, 2021

Svelte: 10 Reasons that make it the best JavaScript Framework

Svelte is a compile time framework, that take our high level declarative components and turns into efficient, imperative, low level code for browsers....

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  January 01, 2021

Don't Let Him Poo: Angular 2 based game using A Star Algorithm

A browser based game, driven by A* path finding algorithm, and made using Angular 2....

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  January 01, 2021

Micro-Frontend: The best Vaccine to React, Angular & Vue.js Pandemic

It's high time we break the monolith architecture in the front-end, the way it's broken in the back-end: stateless, componentized, tech-agnostic & separate!...

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  December 27, 2020

8 Aspects to know for System Design Interviews

System design interviews are open ended, with no answer that's 100% effective. All we have to do is weigh options and put forth the best one forward....

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