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  January 16, 2021

Ghost Pro: 15 Tips & Tricks to Spice up your Website

After using Ghost (Pro) for a while, I have discovered, learnt, & implemented a few niceties, that can help you while authoring content & beyond....

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  January 01, 2021

Micro-Frontend: The best Vaccine to React, Angular & Vue.js Pandemic

It's high time we break the monolith architecture in the front-end, the way it's broken in the back-end: stateless, componentized, tech-agnostic & separate!...

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  December 27, 2020

8 Aspects to know for System Design Interviews

System design interviews are open ended, with no answer that's 100% effective. All we have to do is weigh options and put forth the best one forward....

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  December 21, 2020

5 Sorting Algorithms for Coding Interviews

There's tons of Sorting Algorithms, however for interviews, being able to implement a select few and explain their time complexity should be enough....

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  December 20, 2020

Arrays and 12 related Data Structures & Algorithms for Coding Interviews

Lets begin with the basic data structure, in the data structure line up. This data structure is very versatile and can be used to solve lots of problems....

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  December 18, 2020

Crack the Coding Interview at Big Four in 10 Steps

After prepping for Coding Interview several times myself, I have streamlined the steps newbies need to take to crack the Coding Interview....

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