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Web Development

Web Development

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All the tips and tricks to ease Web Development.

  March 27, 2021

Vite: 12 Features that Make it a Production Worthy & All-Rounder Build Tool

After fumbling around with several build tools to ease web development, I have found the one that ticks all the boxes. Let me introduce you to Vite....

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  March 17, 2021

How to approach Web Design without a Designer in Tow?

In this post, I'm going to point out the sources from where I got inspiration for designing a website with no web design skill....

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  March 07, 2021

Plausible Analytics: 10 Reasons it's the Best Web Analytics Tool

Have a look at Plausible Analytics, the best privacy focused analytics tool till date and the best Google Analytics alternative there is!...

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  February 20, 2021

15+ Deceptive Practices by Companies & What We Can Do About It

I am listing down all the ways companies deceive or shortchange us, and what we should do to keep them in check....

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  February 13, 2021

Derpy UTM Builder: A Campaign URL Builder made with Svelte, Tailwind & Snowpack

My attempt at making a UTM Campaign URL builder using Svelte, Snowpack, & Tailwind CSS, as a replacement to Google's site & excel sheet based approach....

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  February 06, 2021

Snowtail: Snowpack & Tailwind Starter to Speed up Theme Dev

This post is about Snowtail, a starter template made using Snowpack & Tailwind, that can help speed up the theme development process....

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